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AJ Reyes / Vice President of Digital Media

A.J. Reyes is the hive’s Director of Digital Media.

AJ Reyes brings more than 15 years of professional experience to the table with a focus on media, business startups, and brand identity development. He has worked in a variety of capacities ranging from helping a boutique ad agency achieve record-breaking growth to guiding the creation of new divisions at a major fortune 500 company.

A.J. spent 6 years at a startup, a boutique ad agency where he was able to develop multiple internal divisions across 3 different national offices. He was a key team member in launching new interactive technology and was involved in all phases of product design, development and sales. On the Television side of the company, he ran national advertising campaigns across 25 DMA’s and led a team in selling sponsorship’s, product placement, and underwriting for a nationally syndicated television show reaching 120 Million Households.

In his current role with OpenJar Concepts (“OJC”), A.J. is leading the charge on all digital initiatives including brand development, audience identification, Search, Social, and multiple programmatic platforms. He has been instrumental in redesigning OJC’s digital client presentations and has become a central figure in the client services division gaining the trust and budgets of some of OJC’s most devoted client base.