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Angelo Henry / Quality Control Specialist

Angelo Henry II started working at Openjar at the ripe age of 19. He worked in a general admin capacity supporting several departments but mainly focusing on assisting operations. Angelo could also be found building and fixing various things around the office and heads up all picture hanging. Generally speaking, Angelo has been a multi-purpose contributor to the Buzzing Bees at the OJC Hive.

Angelo is now the Quality Control Specialist at the hive and reviews thousands of calls per week to ensure call quality, determine issues within call centers such as long hold times or untrained operators and spots any concerns for SPAM or DEAD AIR. His general responsibilities include but are not limited to testing and tracking numbers, managing dubs and traffic, listening to calls and issuing credits, packaging and shipping of care packages as well as runs to Staples and Star Bucks. Angelo continues to go to college in his off hours and is pursuing an Art degree.


Tattoos himself and friends on his free time, and also paints and draws often

Has the longest hair in the office

Works out daily every lunch

Angelo’s words to live by: Only you can change your life. No one can do it for you.