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Camden Davis / Social Media Specialist

Camden brings the hive to life through her refined, light, and esthetic approach to capturing the essence of our buzzing business and culture through Social Media. She joined the hive in late February of 2020, right on the cusp of COVID-19.  Camden quickly had to pivot from capturing events and memorializing their memory, to content creation on the fly week over week since mid-March when quarantine began. As a quick adjustment, Camden began allocating tasks to members of the staff around themes. She has worked closely with Adam Warren, CEO to develop videos and other content taking place in and around the OJC headquarters in Temecula, as well as other clever strategies focused on staff pets, work-at-home environments, and even a creative video about a refreshing drink at home. 

Camden has a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Communications and Public relations with an emphasis in Social Media Marketing. She has experience working with brands including 5-hour ENERGY, The Cochran Firm, and the Legal Associations Management. 

Things to know about Camden: 

– Very outgoing and can make friends anywhere she goes with her infectious smile and embracing personality. 

– She is a daughter of an Army Veteran. 

– Camden fell for a southern gentleman named Trevor and the rest is history. 

– She now she calls Dothan, Alabama home and can be seen whipping around town in a really cool convertible VW Bug. 

– She plans her whole life on Pinterest, from what to eat, to decorations for fall. She also has a Golden Doodle she treats like her son.