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Joe Nell / Senior Producer of Production and Distribution

Joe Nell is OpenJar Concept’s (“OJC”) in house, Senior Producer of Production and Distribution.

Joe got his start in production over 15 years ago on the set of NYPD BLUE as a camera loader. He earned his keep in the TV and movie industry doing anything from jumping out of planes filming sky diving videos to working with extreme sports films in bike, motocross, surf, and skate projects. In 2009-2012, Joe Nell was Lead Editor and Producer for 2 seasons (23 Episodes) on FuelTV’s BUBBA’S WORLD. In early 2015, Joe was the key editor on McFarland USA, Juanes “Junto” music video with Disney as well as edited “Actors on Actors” for PBS. Ranging from feature films to reality television to Direct Response national TV commercials, Joe has produced and edited a vast array of projects continuously honing in his craft as a skilled cameraman and expert editor. His expertise in post-production has been game-changing to OJC’s lineup of house brands and how quickly they have moved to the ad market before most of their competitors can mobilize.

In his role with OJC, Joe has quickly created greater output efficiency for the company’s vast array of brands in a constant state of production. His primary objectives are to increase turnaround time, streamline production and significantly raise production value. Joe continues to not only meet his objectives but beats them time and time again.

Joe continues to evolve and innovate as technology changes; always keeping up with the latest editing software and production techniques that keep OJC spots fresh and up-to-date. His first breakthrough project with OJC was producing a sit-down interview between OpenJar CEO Adam Warren and super attorney, trial lawyer, and RING OF FIRE host, Mike Papatonio during MTMP Fall 2015. Joe additionally created two promotional spots for OJC’s The Sentinel Group (“TSG”) that ran in all commercial breaks throughout the Ring Of Fire program. He has since gone on to producing dozens of OJC branded spots for mass tort, foreclosure defense, tax and other offerings distributed under the OJC/TSG banner.


Father of two lovely little girls.

Is an avid football and baseball fan. Enjoys going to games with his brother, Chad.

Remains active in Motocross, Jiu-Jitsu, and working out during his spare time.

When he was young, he had the coolest all leather, full team colors San Jose Sharks jacket.