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Lance Sakamoto / Senior Media Buyer

Lance Sakamoto is the hive’s resident Sr. Media Buyer!

In his position, he will be paving the way for more expansion in the world of Direct Response media acquisition with his expertise in short form, television advertising. Over Lance’s career, he has acquired media on behalf of companies including but not limited to DirecTV, Char-Broil, Burlington, Apartments.com, Bissell, and Countrywide Financial.

Lance was born and raised on the third largest island in the Hawaiian Islands, affectionately known as Oahu. Little known fact: The Hang Loose (Shaka) greeting was made popular on the North Shore, representing a famous local leader, Hamana Kalilii, who lost 3 fingers in an accident, and when he waved it looked like the Hang Loose sign. As a child, Lance grew up close to the Del Monte Pineapple fields where he would ride his bike with friends and constantly fed pineapple as a snack. He now does not prefer to eat pineapple, unless absolutely necessary!

After leaving the Hawaiian Islands in 1988, he finished his collegiate career at San Diego State with a BA in Environmental Design. It was not until 1997 that he entered mass media through Direct Response. He spent 8+ years at Maximum Coverage Media (Now known as Havas Edge) starting from the ground up to earning the position of Senior Short Form Media Buyer. He was also part of a team to help start the Short Form DR division within the agency. Lance has been in the DR for the last 15+ years and has formed many relationships with individuals from National and Local Cable Networks, Local Broadcast Stations, and National Syndicators.


Enjoys having a great meal and incredible wine with close friends.

Loves watching sporting events…especially baseball.

Occasionally travels to new destinations.

Prides himself on being the best at what he does.

His words to live by are “Treat people the way would want them to treat you…” and “If you don’t ask, you won’t get…”.

A little-known fact is that he maintains a very low-key sarcasm and hidden humor. If you don’t pay attention, you won’t notice it.

Loves to consume as much sugar in a day as possible.