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Matt Becker, COO / In-House Counsel

Matt brings almost two decades of litigation and law practice experience to OJC. In his position as COO and In-House Counsel, Matt will be involved in a variety of company responsibilities beginning with client support services focusing on contract development, client management protocols and compliance oversight by industry. He will also be a touch point for many of OJC’s larger budget clients furthering the trust and relationship between all involved. Matt will additionally be taking a greater involvement in OJC and The Sentinel Group’s (“TSG”) Mass Tort and other legal campaigns with objectives in driving expansion of business to a more broad range of deal opportunities. He maintains tremendous interpersonal skills and will be the front line in OJC’s HR offering to the company as a whole and in support of Tracy De Encio who maintains HR responsibilities at the hive as well. Matt will now be the primary point of contact for any legal matters ranging from Trademarks, new business start up, matters of conflict and opportunities regarding Joint Ventures, M&A or other broader business ventures.

Mr. Matthew Becker brings a career to the hive ripe with diverse and proven success in business and legal across a wide range of industry as well as directly applicable to matters of OpenJar Concepts. Matt is admitted to practice in all four federal district courts throughout the state of California and has litigated in over a dozen other federal jurisdictions across the country. Mr. Becker has litigated complex legal claims against numerous fortune 500 companies as well as filed countless Trademarks. He is an active member of the State Bar of California and the District of Columbia Bar.

In practice since 1997, he has represented both public and private entities regarding domestic and global legal issues. Mr. Becker regularly advises clients on business issues, media rights, intellectual property development and protection strategies. Additionally, Mr. Becker assists clients with technology transfers and licensing.

Mr. Becker has appeared and regularly consults as an expert for the NBC-owned affiliate in San Diego (NBC 7/39) regarding copyright legal issues and has additionally authored several articles for trade publications regarding the internet and its developing issues in copyright and trademark law.

Matt participated in the Telecommunications Law Center which analyzed the large and growing number of unresolved issues of law and policy that have risen as a result of the technological revolution in the telecommunications industry. Matt consulted for the City of San Diego Future Project which analyzed the interplay between the Telecommunications Act of 1996, California Public Utilities Code, California Constitution, the San Diego City Charter, and case law.



Affectionately referred to as the Viking.

Loves adventurous travel inclusive of ATV rides through caves and swimming with Sharks in Belize.

Has attended ComicCon San Diego since it began.

Is married with 2 young boys who play baseball year round.

Passionate about quality Tequila.