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Mike Danbury / VP of Operations & Partnerships

Mike Danbury or “Mike D.” (as he is fondly referred to here at the beehive) is the hive’s Vice President of Operations and Partnerships. Mike comes to OpenJar with over (19) years in media ad sales, buying, and client accounting. Throughout his career, he has accumulated a wide range of experience in long and short-form Direct Response television advertising with a specific focus in broadcast and cable inventory management.

Mike started his career at Telerep-Los Angeles (now COX REPS), as an assistant on two spot desks before being promoted to an Account Executive position selling long and short-form Direct Response media for over 30 broadcast stations as well as General Market advertising to some of the top spending brands. After a four-year run in the rep business, Mike shifted over to the buying side where he spent seven years purchasing local broadcast and national network direct response time for many well know products.

In 2011, Mike D. began contributing to the team while developing direct response projects for both cable and broadcast as well as adding a new level of support to Client Services. Along the way Mike has continued to grow and take on more responsibilities which include but are not limited to running the operations department, strategic media relationships, managing distribution, assisting the accounting department, planning, maintaining, and optimizing campaign strategies.

Mike’s words to live by: “Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you no-one would believe it.”