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Scott Warren / Creative Director

Scott brings over 15 years of experience in marketing, brand management, and graphic design.

While attending the University of Southern California’s Music Industry program, Scott dove head-first into the concert and event industry as the general manager for talent booking company Sean Healy Presents and as the music director for fashion/music/art event called Project Ethos. Not only was Scott responsible for booking talent, but he also oversaw event marketing/promotion and designed content for print and digital advertisements.

Scott later joined Position Music, a company focused on film/TV licensing and artist management. Responsibilities included talent acquisition and development, database and website development, and management of album artwork and distribution. Scott was also involved in managing the career of singer-songwriter Tyrone Wells, which included responsibilities for tour and album promotion by way of print, radio, and online marketing.

At OpenJar, Scott applies his diverse background to areas of graphic design and branding. Scott has been a driving force in the ongoing evolution of the infamous OJC logos, designing countless variations based on anniversaries, holidays, and other events, while remaining true to the core of the brand and its jar/buzzing bee mascot. Over the past year, Scott has designed several billboards, full-page magazine ads, and animated illustrations that are being used in aspects of a wide variety of TV and online advertisements. Scott also plays an instrumental role in the content management and appearance for the websites at OJC and its legal brand, The Sentinel Group.