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Shaia Ash / Director of Media Relationships

Shaia Ash is the Manager of Partner Relationships at OJC. She reports directly to Adam Warren, President, and Reno Renaldo, Executive Vice President.

Shaia is 3rd generation born and raised in Southern California. She was born in Newport Beach and is most comfortable in beach bum attire. Little known facts: Newport harbor has 7 distinct islands. She frequented Balboa Island as a child biking from her grandmother’s house on the island, to the ferry to get the famous frozen treat created on Balboa Island…The Frozen Banana on a stick.

Shaia joins OJC with 14 years of experience in television. She began her television career at The Outdoor Channel, managing content and working with producers. She developed two more departments at TOC in relation to content and quality control, in which she was responsible for all hiring, training, and created procedures to allow for successful onboarding. After many years at The Outdoor Channel, she expanded her horizon in television to include advertising and has spent the last 7+ years in performance-driven TV/lead generation with a California-based firm. During this time she developed relationships with national cable networks, broadcast stations, and satellite networks across the country. She also managed the media department, instituting new processes and procedures, coaching, and facilitating account management/training tools, as well as onboarding.

In addition to her work at OpenJar Concepts, Shaia enjoys traveling the globe, along with annual vacations with her family in Costa Rica. She loves hockey #Canucks. Her favorite food is Carne Asada nachos, she ironically hates bananas, and her second language is sarcasm.

Shaia’s words to live by: Life is an adventure, family, and memories made. Travel far, live long, drink well, and laugh every day.