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Tracy De Encio / Director of Jar Finance

Tracy is the Director of Jar Finance at OJC, or as we affectionately refer to her: the Honey Handler.

Tracy began her career in finance 20 years ago as a bookkeeper for a small restaurant chain. She was mentored by an international corporate attorney who among many things, fostered in her a fondness for entrepreneurs. She traveled the world to places such as Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, and other unique overseas destinations with a prior client to facilitate a project to build an oil pipeline through the former Soviet Union. Tracy quickly learned the ins and outs of new business formation, including business incorporations, partnerships, LLCs, etc. It didn’t take long before Tracy had branched out on her own focusing on consulting, business startups, tax planning/preparation, and general accounting practices. In the course of her career, she has worked with hundreds of businesses in dozens of different industries.

Tracy came to OJC in its infancy in 2009 as an independent contractor. She has been managing the funds at the hive since its earliest days when Adam and Reno were still working out of home offices. Since then her role has gradually expanded to the full-time Director of Finance she is today. Additionally, Tracy oversees not only the finances but also manages corporate protocols in a Human Resource capacity.


Extreme clean freak and is the self-appointed Chief Cleanliness Officer aka CCO of the hive

Possess unique acumen for multiple skillsets in anything from IT Specialist to Electrician.

Mother of 4 girls!!! Yes… 4 and they all look exactly alike regardless of age.

Loves to hike and has done the Grand Canyon North to South Rim hike multiple times.

Mentor and supporter to troubled youth.